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Jaiden Animations | The success story of the American youtuber

Jaiden is an American youtuber and animator. Jaiden animations is the pseudonym of the famous animator on the YouTube. She is famous for creating story time videos and animations on her YouTube channel. Similarly she also creates videos centered on video games as well. She also creates videos centered on video games. After years of progress she has established her channel to a great extent. Her channel currently has over 10 million subscribers. Jaiden’s videos has reached over 1.6 billion views as of May 2021. Her unique videos has helped her gain her own fan base. Jaiden has been recognized for her interesting and innovative work. She has also received award for her efforts and hard work. At the 10th Streamy Awards in 2020, she received a Streamy Award in the Animated category. Earlier in 2018 she was previously nominated for the award and following this she bagged it a year later.

Jaiden Animation’s Success story :

Jaiden started her YouTube channel in 2014 when she was just a teenager. She started building this right from then and has made it big over the years. Before working in her own channel, she has earlier worked for other YouTubers on their channels. Initially it didn’t happen overnight. She kept trying without giving up. Following persistence, in 2016 and 2017, Jaiden’s channel has a breakthrough. It started trending on the website and reached out to a greater scope of audience and she had her own fan base.

After this there was no looking back. In December 2017, Jaiden appeared in YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017. The was the very first YouTube Rewind installment to include YouTube animators. After this she received the Streamy award. In YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind, she made an animation featuring PewDiePie’s chair. She kept moving forward and has gained enormous recognition for her work over years of hard work. In March 2019, Jaiden took part in an airsoft gun tournament organized by YouTuber MrBeast. This also helped her gain recognition.

Apart from achieving her success, Jaiden is very selfless and she made a major difference impacting lives. In April 2019, she published a video encouraging people to donate to Bird Gardens of Naples. This is a non-profit bird sanctuary in Florida. Following her post, the campaign had raised over $22,000. Jaiden was also among many social media figures who donated to the Team Trees fundraiser in 2019. During this pandemic as well, she put forth her part. She joined hands with fellow YouTube Jacksepticeye and participated in #HopeFromHome that raised over $260,000 for COVID-19 relief. She has achieved a lot and has established her channel with 10 million subscribers on board.

Jaiden Animation’s YouTube content :

Jaiden has her own way of videos. She mainly uploads animated YouTube videos that tell stories about her personal life. Her videos talk about important issues such as toxic relationships, body positivity, anxiety, and depression. She also works on creating videos centered on her travels and video games such as Pokémon. After the enormous success her channel is currently managed by the Channel Frederator multi-channel network. She has paved her path to her success journey after passionately following her dream and goal.

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