It’s 2021, then why is it called EXPO 2020 reason is.

One question that is in everyone’s mind. We are in 2021, and this program in Dubai EXPO 2020 begins in 2021 last in 2022. So why is it called EXPO 2020? Read the reason behind it. 


2020 Show Postponed:

why is it called EXPO 2020? Last year the show got postponed due to a Pandemic. So the show name was as per year EXPO 2020. Now all the major things got a plan from site to everything. Due to that reason, even in 2021 expo name remained the same. 

Buzz on name:

Such is the noise the event has built that it’s difficult to understand the region’s first World Expo had to be delayed from its initial dates by a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bureau International des Expositions:

In May 2020, Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) — the intergovernmental body managing and organising the World Expo, approved the UAE Government’s request to postpone the event by a year.

Covid-19 pandemic:

Participating countries to felt like this need to be postponed. The first time a World Expo was delayed rather than being cancelled. However, the event held the name ‘Expo Dubai‘ despite it being staged in 2021.

The year 2020 didn’t allow any big function:

This is not the first event to have kept an ancient year in its name, notwithstanding its postponement. For example, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 retained its name despite being held in 2021. Similarly, UEFA EURO 2020 kept the ‘2020’ in its name “to acknowledge the event’s first vision”. This is mostly done due to branding and marketing reasons.

Unprecedented Expo:

Thanks to its security rules and a strong Covid vaccination drive. The UAE again is the ideal destination to host the world top show EXPO. The show is going to start in three days. All are eagerly waiting for the first-day show of the event. Also read about robots will guide visitors in EXPO 2020 Dubai.

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