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Israeli security forces questioned after jailbreak

Israeli security forces left short this Tuesday With a massive manhunt still ongoing,. As to how six Palestinian detainees escaped from a high-security prison went unreported and where they may have gone.

The group’s early-morning escape, through a hole dug beneath a sink. In a Gilboa jail cell to a tiny tunnel exit found by guards and police early Monday. Almost sounds like a scene from the Israeli-Palestinian war movie “Fauda.”

Many Palestinians have hailed the escapees as “heroes,”. With celebrations taking place in the Jenin region of the occupied West Bank.

Israeli Security Forces Deployed

However, Israeli security forces are on move in Jenin area to apprehend them. Which includes drones, road roadblocks, and an army deployment to Jenin. Where several of the men imprisoned for their participation in anti-Semitic acts grew up.

On Tuesday, more than 24 hours after the “Great Escape” lauded by certain Palestinian publications. The hunt continued as the country celebrated Rosh Hashana (the Jewish new year).

“At this time, we have made no progress,” said a police spokesperson in northern Israel. Where the Gilboa jail has stood since its built during the Second Intifada, or anti-Israel revolt.

“However, all sections of the Israeli security forces. Including the army, the Shin Bet , the police, border guards, and their special units. In conclusion “These force are also on move to find the prisoners,” the spokesman added.


There are many possible destinations for the group to go. From their nearby West Bank home to the shelter of the Gaza Strip. Which is under control of the Islamist group Hamas. Also a refuge for the Islamic Jihad group to which five of the six belong.

They may have even attempted to cross the border into an other nation.

A police source told Israeli daily Haaretz Tuesday that it was “extremely likely” that the guys escaped into Jordan. Moreover the border is only around 20 kilometer’s (12 miles) from the jail.

Read more about The Israeli security forces:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israeli_security_forces

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