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Israel warned by Arab over Palestinian prisoners




According to presstv, Saeed Abu Ali, the EU’s assistant secretary-general for Palestine. Also the Occupied Arab Territories, denounced the Israel regime for consistently violating the rights. In addition “the right to life and humanitarian legal standards” for Palestinian prisoners. Who are currently captive in Israeli jails in a statement announce on Sunday.

Israel Treatment With Palestinian Prisoners

Israel must end its illegal and cruel policies toward Palestinian prisoners. Such as the “slow-death policy,” according to the statement.

International human rights organizations should “put more pressure on the Israeli authorities to comply with international law,” Abu Ali said.

He also stated that advocacy groups were keeping a close eye on the health of two Palestinian prisoners. Who are on hunger strike, Ghadanfar Abu Atwan and Iyad Harbiyat.

The Palestinian Captives on Hunger Strike

The couple had stopped eating their food portions weeks ago. Also several groups have expressed grave concerns about their rapidly deteriorating health.

The official also held the Israel authorities fully responsible for their lives elsewhere in the statement.

After 61 days of hunger strike in protest of his administrative imprisonment without charge or trial. Abu Atwan’s health has worsened significantly, and he is at risk of dying from starvation.

Harbiyat’s health has deteriorated significantly after his arrest in 2002 and punishment to life in prison.

In Israeli jails, the Israel Prison Service (IPS) holds Palestinian inmates. Also in terrible circumstances that lack appropriate hygiene requirements.

More than 7,000 Palestinians are captive in Israeli prisons. Hundreds of detainees appear to have been captive under the practice of administrative detention.


Palestinian detainees undertake hunger strikes on a regular basis. Which is the protest towards the administrative detention regime as well as the severe prison circumstances.

The Israeli parliament, the Knesset, has previously passed a legislation. In addition allowing Israeli prison officials to force-feed hunger strikers. In case if their situation becomes life-threatening.

Every year, between 500 and 700 Palestinian youngsters age of 12 to 17 are confine. Also prosecuted in Israeli military tribunals, according to data from the Defense for Children International.

Since 2000, Israeli police have detained around 17,000 children.

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Sheikh Mohammed is highlighting German Pavilion in Expo 2020 Dubai.



Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid

Germany played a vital role in EXPO 2020. That’s why Sheikh Mohammed highlighted this by visiting German Pavilion in EXPO 2020 Dubai. 

the Expo 2020 Dubai

the Expo 2020 Dubai

This world fair in Dubai was not accessible. The role of Germany has been influential, and that’s why Sheikh himself highlights that by visiting their pavilion. Sheikh Mohammed Highlighting German Pavilion in EXPO 2020 Dubai shows how much he cares for people who have helped make EXPO 2020 successful. Germans are lucky to get such appreciation from the man himself. 

It’s all giving and take. The people who stand by you in starting should be given credit when you are at the top. Sheikh did the same by visiting German Pavilion at EXPO 2020.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum:

Today, the vice-president and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai stayed at the German pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

During the visit, Sheikh Mohammed highlighted the significance of Germany’s role at Expo 2020 Dubai. Given its vast knowledge and experience in innovation and in feeding solutions that serve society.

Sheikh Mohammed also highlighted the mega event’s chances to share ideas and innovations that build a better future for humanity. HE NOTED THAT the UAE is keen to fund innovative ideas to enhance people’s satisfaction and quality of life.

During the tour, Sheikh Mohammed show various parts of the German pavilion located at the Sustainability District. Under the theme ‘Campus Germany’, the pavilion features sustainability-themed standards of invention and ingenuity.

Sheikh Mohammed saw the pavilion’s individual exhibition spaces to create visitors’ immersive experience. The pavilion has an ‘Energy Lab’, ‘Future City Lab’ and a ‘Biodiversity Lab.’ It showcase different German innovations that encourage sustainability.

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Despite six months in a coma, soldier tells of incredible recovery



He miraculously recovered from a coma

In July, operating theatre technician Arunkumar M Nair contracted the deadly virus. While working with coronavirus patients at LLH Hospital in Abu Dhabi. After enduring a harrowing six-month ordeal with the deadly virus, he miraculously recovered from a coma.

Mr. Nair, 38, experienced many hurdles during his fight for survival. Including several operations and a cardiac arrest. During his battle for survival, Mr. Nair, 38, survived several operations and a cardiac arrest.

Dr. Tarig Ali Mohamed Elhassan, department head of cardiac surgery at Burjeel Hospital. It has overseen Mr. Nair’s care since he fell into a coma five months ago.

His wife and children arrived from India soon after the coma took hold. But on Thursday they were able to joyfully say goodbye to Mr. Nair.

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“I am doing well, thank you to God for giving me a new life I am alive because of the prayers of my family, friends, and hundreds of others,” Mr. Nair said, as tears fell from his eyes. “I don’t remember anything, but I know I had barely escaped from the jaws of death,” he added.

In February, after leaving the intensive care unit for the first time in less than a month. He announced, “Thank you to God for giving me life.”

It is thanks to him, my family and friends, and almost 300 others that I am alive today. I cannot thank them enough for their love and support. Also, a million thanks to Dr. Tarig and his team for providing me with such exceptional care.

In the end, I realize that without the constant efforts of Burjeel Hospital and Dr. Tarig, my life might have ended sooner. My family and I will always be grateful to VPS Healthcare.

Which runs both hospitals, for making arrangements for Mr. Nair’s wife and son to stay with him during his recovery period.

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The right time to buy gold in Dubai UAE? Gold Prices drop by Dh4 per Gram.




After a flat fall, Gold prices of 24K open at Dh219.75 per gram. Many feel it is the right time to buy gold in Dubai UAE. 

Gold loses its shine after a break. Prices fall by Dh4 in the morning trades. US Dollar coming as strong currency and Treasury yields after the US Federal Reserve said might hike rates. So the question is, is it the right time to buy gold in Dubai, UAE.

gold price dubai uae

gold price dubai uae

Spot Gold trading around $1,814.74 per ounce, down by 0.41 percent at 9.30 am UAE time. In Dubai UAE, 24K Gold trading around Dh219.75 per gram on Thursday morning. Last Wednesday, it was at Dh223.75 per gram, down by four dirhams. Among the other unique variants, 22K fell to Dh206.7 per gram, 21K to Dh197.0, and 18K to Dh169.0 on Thursday morning.

Prices of Gold fell last night due to several reasons in Dubai UAE. It’s around $1,819.59 an ounce, Emirates NBD Research said in a note.

“The view for gold will be increasingly contesting in the face of more elevated nominal and real yields in the US market,” it said in a note on Thursday.

The senior market expert said: The return of risk need dulled the appeal for safe-havens, which sent gold back to the center of its current trading range. They dragged it back in when gold looked like it would break out. 

The path advances for gold, but it will likely be a challenging task higher. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s hawkish press gathering sent gold to new lows as the Fed laid out the case of a much more powerful balance sheet contraction and declined to rule out the potential of having an interest rate hike at each policy meeting.

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