Iranian petrol stations got struck by possible hack

A major breakdown of a government system that manages gasoline subsidies hit Iranian petrol stations across the country on Tuesday. Which cause halt in sales in an occurrence that one semiofficial news outlet referred to as a cyberattack.

Long lineups of automobiles waiting infront of Iranian petrol station to fill up in Tehran. Which were capture online by an Iranian official television account. An Associated Press reporter reportedly witnessed long lineups of automobiles at a Tehran gas station. Which was close and the pumps were off.

State TV did not elaborate on the situation. But claimed officials from the Oil Ministry were conducting a “emergency meeting” to resolve the technical issue.

Those attempting to purchase fuel with a government-issued card through the machines.  Instead saw a message stating “cyberattack 64411,” according to the semiofficial ISNA news agency. The majority of Iranians rely on these subsidies to keep their cars running, especially given the country’s economic woes.

While ISNA downplayed the significance of the number. It is link to a hotline operated by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. That answers concerns regarding Islamic law. ISNA eventually took down its reports.

Farsi-language satellite networks in other countries broadcast videos of electronic billboards in Isfahan. A major Iranian city, that read: “Khamenei!” “Can you tell me where our gas is?” “Free gas in Jamaran gas station,”. Added another, referring to the late Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s residence.

Israeli cybersecurity firm blamed the assault on Iranian petrol stations by group of hackers known as Indra

No one claimed credit for the disruption right away. However, the usage of the number “64411” was similar to an attack on Iran’s train system in July. In which the number was also under light. Check Point, an Israeli cybersecurity firm, eventually blamed the train assault on a group of hackers known as Indra. Which is name after the Hindu god of battle.


Indra has already targeted companies in Syria. Where President Bashar Assad has clung to power thanks to Iran’s role in the country’s long-running civil conflict.

Iran has been subject to a number of cyberattacks. Including one in August that resulted in the release of footage documenting atrocities at the country’s notorious Evin prison.

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