Iran Dispatches App for Matchmaking As Fertility Rates Fall.

Iran is confronting a huge fall in fertility rates among its people. As a result, it has dispatched a state-endorsed matchmaking application to advance relationships in the Islamic country. The app, therefore, aims to enhance the contact between men and women.

Hamdam (Companion) is created by a state-affiliated Islamic social body. It, therefore, expects users to confirm their identity and carries out psychological compatibility tests. All along it offers guidance for youthful singles looking for a marriage accomplice.

The application offers to coordinate and mentor administrations to forthcoming couples and their families, for instance. It stays in contact with them for a very long time after the marriage, the semi-official news agency Fars announced.

Western-style dating is prohibit under Iran’s Islamic laws. As a result, numerous youngsters reject customary orchestrated relationships and need to choose their own future.

Authorities have expressed worry and concern that Iran’s populace could be among the oldest on the planet in twenty years after the fertility rate drop.

The rate among Iranian ladies dropped 25% in the course of recent years, as per Iranian media reports. The fertility rate is about 1.7 youngsters per lady.

Iran began turning around its family arranging strategies 10 years prior. One of the strategies is making contraception, which had been accessible for nothing, progressively more hard to get.

In 2014 Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei gave a decree that said boosting the populace would “reinforce public personality.” It would counter “bothersome parts of Western ways of life, for instance.”

Iran’s parliament has passed arrangements to give monetary impetuses to labor and marriage. These include credits and gifts to youthful wedded couples with a few youngsters.

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