ICC T20 WorldCup 2021 Qualifier Oman vs PNG: Oman wins the first Qualifier by 10wickets.

Oman beats PNG (Papua New Guinea) by 10wickets in ICC T20 WorldCup 2021 Qualifier. The second Match, Bangladesh vs Scotland, starts at 7:30 pm.

Super-12 ICC T20 WORLDCUP 2021
Super-12 ICC T20 WORLDCUP 2021

ICC T20 WorldCup starts from today:

ICC T20 WorldCup 2021 Qualifier. Oman smashed PNG in every department. PNG scored 129runs of 20overs. The highest scorer for PNG Assad Vala. He scored 56runs of 43balls. For Oman, Captain Zeeshan Maqsood took four wickets in 4 overs and gave away only 20runs. Also read about Kerala Rains 2021.

Oman vs PNG first Qualifier 2021 T20 Worldcup:

Oman chased down 129runs in style with 10wickets in hand. Aqib Ilyas and Jatinder Singh chase down 129runs in just 13.4overs. Both the openers showed amazing batting skills. Jatinder was outstanding today. He scored 73runs of just 42balls taking his country to a thumping win over PNG. 

Scotland vs Bangladesh 2nd qualifier T20 WorldCup:

The next Match is between Scotland and Bangladesh. Scotland has to play well to beat Bangladesh. It is one of the most dangerous teams to face in Asian conditions. From batting to bowling team has many experiences inform players who will make work harder for Scotland. Bangladesh is the favourite team to enter in top groups. Everyone expects Bangladesh to beat these teams in Qualifiers and enter in Top groups for T20 Battle this year in Dubai. 

The second team that has more chance to enter in top groups in Srilanka. Both Bangladesh and Srilanka will make it through from qualifiers. 

Top 12 teams ICC T20 Men’s WorldCup 2021:

This year’s T20 Men’s WorldCup 2021 is held in Dubai. India hosts it. Due to covid matches are kept in Dubai. India is the favourite team this year to win the 2021 T20 Men’s World Cup. 

Crucial Match coming up at 7:30 pm Bangladesh and Scotland. Bangladesh will try to beat Scotland today and make their space safer to enter Men’s T20 top groups. 

Stay tuned for more updates on T20 Men’s WorldCup 2021 in Dubai. We will provide all the inside updates of teams and also how Worldcup is going in Dubai. 

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