IATA gives permission to Global Air Trade Association Establishes Office in Riyadh

IATA or The International Air Transport Association has consented to an arrangement with the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) to build up an office in Riyadh.

The exchange affiliation revealed to Arab News:

The IATA is strengthening its presence in Saudi Arabia by establishing a new office in the Kingdom. The IATA’s regional office (regional headquarters) remains in Jordan, Amman, for instance.

“The IATA, committed to supporting the development of aviation in Saudi Arabia and contributing toward realizing the vision of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to turn the Kingdom into a global aviation hub over the coming years.”

The arrangement, inked by GACA president, Abdul Aziz canister Abdullah Al-Duailej, and the IATA’s VP for Africa and Middle East locale, Kamel Hassan Al-Awadi.

Al-Duailej noticed the significance of reinforcing successful joint collaboration among worldwide and local associations in the common aeronautics industry, the Saudi Press Agency provided details regarding Tuesday.

The IATA’s enrollment comprises of around 290 worldwide aircrafts, addressing 82% of worldwide air traffic.

As per the affiliation’s most recent industry figures delivered in June, all out worldwide interest for air travel in April was down 65.4 percent year-on-year. In the Middle East, which relies intensely upon worldwide traffic, carriers revealed that request was as yet down 82.9 percent in April contrasted with that very month in 2019.


Willie Walsh, the IATA’s director general, said: “The continuing strong recovery in domestic markets tells us that when people are given the freedom to fly, they take advantage of it.

“Unfortunately, that freedom still does not exist in most international markets. When it does, I’m confident we will see a similar resurgence in demand.”

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