Hydrogen Vehicles Appropriate For Saudi- Aramco

Hydrogen vehicles have been tried in Saudi Arabia for as far back as two years, yet it could be quite a long while before they are a customary sight on the Kingdom’s streets, said Ahmad Al-Khowaiter, boss innovation official at Saudi Aramco.

“We have several cars under test with the support of some government sectors,” he revealed to Al Arabiya. “Over the past two years, we were able to test hydrogen cars and found them suitable for the Kingdom.”

The Kingdom, as the world’s biggest energy exporter of hydrocarbons, can satisfy the need for hydrogen. As it’s anything but a decarbonized hydrocarbon, he said.

Aramco is among various worldwide energy goliaths looking at the potential for such low carbon fuel sources, for environmental change.

“We will see those investments when the demand appears for blue ammonia and for other low carbon hydrogen,”

Al-Khowaiter said during a meeting with Bloomberg on Monday.

“I would say the scale-up isn’t going to happen before 2030,” he told.

Saudi Aramco and Air Products initiated the primary hydrogen powering station in Saudi Arabia at Air Products’ new Technology Center in the Dhahran Techno Valley Science Park. The pilot station will fuel an underlying armada of six Toyota Mirai energy component electric vehicles with high-virtue packed hydrogen.

The declaration comes in the midst of developing worldwide acknowledgment of hydrogen’s advantages. A report delivered last week by the International Energy Agency (IEA) presumes that hydrogen can possibly assist the world with lessening emanations while tending to its energy needs.

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