Highest Google Searched Member of BTS- V



Highest Google Searched Member of BTS- V

Highest Google Searched Member of BTS- V. V is a South Korean songster and tune smith. Kim Tae- hyung ( Korean; born December 30, 1995) is a South Korean songster and tune smith. One of the members of the BTS boy band from South Korea.

DATE OF BIRTHKim Tae-hyung
30th of December, 1995
PLACE OF BIRTH Seo District of Daegu in South Korea
AGE26 years old
Global Cyber University
OCCUPATION•Writer of songs
•Neo soul
•Indie pop
ACTIVE YEARS2013- till date

Early life

V was born in the District of Daegu, South Korea, on December 30, 1995. Adding on , he grew up in Geochang County. With a youngish family , he’s the oldest of three children in family. V wanted to be a professional songster since he was in abecedarian academy. Since he was in early middle academy, with his father’s stimulant, he began taking saxophone assignments in order to pursue a career in music. Eventually, after clearing an investigation in Daegu, V became a trainee for Big megahit Entertainment.


V enrolled at Global Cyber University after graduating from Korean trades High School in 2014. Additionally, he graduated in August 2020 with a major in Broadcasting and Entertainment.
He’s studying a Master of Business Administration in Advertising and Media at Hanyang Cyber University as of 2021.


Eugene Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. took an analysis of Google search trends in the K-pop business in 2018. The letter “V” came in #1 on the list.
Thus, indicating that it was the most searched keyword in South Korea for the previous five years. V was picked as the 4th most-preferred idol of 2019 in a Gallup Korea poll; he was previously placed 9th in 2018. For twenty-eight weeks in a row in 2021, he was the most popular Korean celebrity in Japan.
Moreover, V has a baritone singing voice that has gotten mostly excellent reviews. With acclaim for his vocal range and “husky” tone in particular. For his performance of his solo song “Stigma,” he acquired wider vocal fame, and was lauded for his falsettos, which demonstrated his vocal range and distinct musicianship.Apart from this , Blanca Méndez, a music critic, praised V’s tonality on BTS’ Love Yourself: Tear (2018)’s opening track “Singularity” as a key “tone setter” on the album.

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