Heavy rains in Kerala 17 to 19. Flood like situation in Kerala.

Heavy rains in Kerala 17 to 19. Flood like situation in Kerala. Military coming to rescue. Read more about it in detail. 

heavy rainfall in kerala photos
heavy rainfall in kerala photos

Heavy Rain in Kerala:

Army head on Sunday starts operation in Kavali Kottayam district of Kerala state in India.  Forecast of Heavy Rains in Kerala 17 to 19. Read more about Mosques in Saudi opens in full strength.

Rain Affected areas in Kerala:

Army and Local Govt are using Navy Choppers. However, sending relief materials in the areas where things are not good. Navy Chopper with relief materials now airborne from INS Garuda to rain-affected regions, the Defence PRO said. Govt has kept two Air Force Chopper Mi-17s. Both are kept at Air Force Station, Shangumugham.

Koottikkal kerala Kottayam District:

As per the sources, three bodies recover on Sunday today from the debris landslide. However, the situation in Kerala is not good, and three more days of heavy rainfall forecast can worsen the situation. As a result, the death number has gone to 14 in Kerala as various Indian sources. 

State ministers K Rajan:

Roshy Augustine and VN Vasavan engaged in a discussion meeting. They are assessing the situation occurring due to heavy rains at Mundakkayam in Kottayam this morning. A red alert of rainfall and potential flooding and waterlogging in several districts of Kerala. Therefore, the state has used 11 (NDRF) in coordination with the (KSDMA). A total of 33 people, including eight women and seven children, are taken to rescue place so far, according to the NDRF.

NDRF India:

Early this morning, a team of the NDRF attended a rescue operation in Kokkayar, Idukki, where a landslide occurred yesterday. Rescue operations in and around Ernakulam district and in Jaipur, RanniTaluk in Pathanamthitta district. According to the Indian Met department, heavy to heavy rain can occur in parts of the Kerala. Yes Kerala state might get more heavy rais over the next 24 hours starting October 17.

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