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Google face $180 mil. fine for market abuse by S. Korea

Google was almost penalize $180 million by South Korea’s antitrust authority on Tuesday. Which is for abusing its dominance in the mobile operating system and app industries. Also the latest in a slew of regulatory actions against tech companies across the world.

Google and Apple compelling their payment methods

The fine comes only weeks after South Korea enacted legislation prohibiting big app store operators. Which are like Google and Apple from compelling software developers to use their payment methods. In addition making their lucrative Play Store and App Store monopolies unlawful.

In an antitrust fight with Epic Games. US judge ordered Apple to relinquish control over its App Store payment mechanism last week.

In South Korea, the world’s 12th biggest economy and recognized for its technical strength. Also Google and Apple dominate the internet app industry.

Since 2016, the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) has been investigating Google. However for allegedly blocking local smartphone manufacturers like Samsung Electronics from modifying its Android operating system.

It claimed that Google hindered market competition. By banning smartphone manufacturers from installing customized versions of Android. Also known as “Android forks,” on their handsets.


Device producers were unable to introduce innovative devices with new services as a result of this, according to the KFTC.

“As a result, It might further cements Google’s market domination in the mobile OS industry.”

It slapped a 207.4 billion won ($176.8 million) punishment on Google and ordered it to take corrective action.

Google has argued that the fees it charges on the Play Store are industry standard. Also reasonable remuneration for establishing secure marketplaces where developers can reach customers all over the world.

According to data from Seoul’s science ministry. The Play Store generated almost 6 trillion won ($5.2 billion) in income in 2019. Also accounting for 63 percent of the country’s total.

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