Fire Kills 83 at COVID-19 Medical Ward in Southern Iraq

Late Monday, a colossal fire accident occurred in the Covid-19 Hospital in Southern Iraq. The death toll in the southern city of Nassiriya has ascended to 83. Tuesday reports suggest that more than 100 individuals faced serious injuries as well.


The fire emitted at the Imam Al-Hussein Hospital in the Dhi Qar governorate, the capital of Nassiriya. The cause of the fire could be conceivably by an oxygen tank blast, wellbeing authorities said.


The Iraqi health official, Haydar Al-Zamili stated that the casualties died due to severe burns. He further said that the search and rescue operation is continuing.


Adding that they fear casualties could still be trapped inside the structure. The actual ward has space for 60 patients.


The interior ministry service also stated an explanatory statement. They dispatched that civil defense teams are battling a fire break out in the center of Dhi Qar governorate inside Imam Al-Hussein Hospital.


Iraq’s Civil Defense stated that the fire totally leveled out after specialists emptied the patients.


Maj. Gen. Kazem Salman Buhan said the clinic comprises “caravans built with flammable sandwich panels.” Further adding that he “will before long declare a definite report on the reasons for the fire.”


Dhi Qar’s health department division has pronounced a highly sensitive situation in the governorate. Specialist Doctors have been requested on leave to help treat the harmed.


Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi additionally held a crisis meeting with various ministers and security pioneers to discover the causes and repercussions of the fire.


Following the gathering, Al-Kadhimi shaped an administrative council to dispatch a significant level examination concerning the reasons for the fire. He sent a group of ministers and security officials to promptly make a beeline for Dhi Qar to circle back to the strategies on the ground.


He additionally issued a decision to suspend the director heads of the Dhi Qar health department, the hospital, and the civil defense, and arrest and subject them to the examination and investigation.


A clinical source affirmed about safeguarding about sixteen individuals from the fire burst, a clinical source said late Monday.



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