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Faten Hamama | The success story of the evergreen Egyptian actress

Faten Hamama was an exceptional Egyptian film and television actress and film producer. She has embarked her name in the pages of history with her exceptional talent. She stepped in to acting at the young age of 7. Initially she was only given minor roles but she kept trying and defining herself more. Over years of persistence and hard work she has established herself as a remarkable Egyptian actress. She has played a major role in taking forward the cinema industry in Egypt and has created awareness about the role of women in cinema and Egyptian society. Her accomplishments are very much notable.

Faten Hamama’s early life and career :

Faten Hamama was born to an Egyptian Muslim lower middle class family. Right from childhood she aspired to become an actor. Her passion for acting ignited when she was six years old. He father has taken her to see an Assia Dagher film. She remarked to her father stating that when the audience clapped for Assia, she felt that they were clapping for her. This happened to be the start. She participated in the children’s beauty pageant in Egypt and won the competition successfully. Following this she got a small offer in a film and successfully got selected in the audition. This was the breakthrough she needed. This role in the film earned her the title “Egypt’s own Shirley Temple”. Following this she did few more roles in different movies.

Faten Hamama’s talent was recognized and she was given a lead role in the 1946 film Malak al-Rahma. Being only 15 back then, with her exceptional acting she made it big. With the rise in Egyptian film industry, Hamama had a major part. She significantly helped in the rise with her exceptional acting and talent. Recognized and honored with several awards. After this she had her major breakthrough when she made it to Hollywood in 1963 with a role in the crime film, Cairo. Throughout her journey she earned several honorable titles as called the “lady of the Arabic screen”.

She did face a little breaks in between her career, dur to professional and personal reasons. But she never chose to give up. She aimed at making a difference and went ahead to work for the best. After a point she gave a comeback with a successful TV mini-series Wajh ِِal-Qamar. This show broadcasted on 23 TV channels in the Middle East. This exceptionally talented honoured as the Egyptian Best TV Actor of the Year. This mini series has bagged her the Best TV Series Award in the Egyptian Radio and Television Festival. She has etched her name in the pages of history as one of the highest-paid actress in an Egyptian television industry till 2006. Her success didn’t happen overnight.

Success lessons from Faten Hamama :

Faten Hamama’s success story was an easy one. She did face her share of failures and struggles but she never chose to give up. Her persistence and hard work has been her biggest assets. When we are passionate about something we should make sure to put in our fullest to reach it. Never chose to give up easily. Failure and fall backs are a part of success. Stay confident and believe solely in you talents and success is surely not too far.


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