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Emirati film ‘Al Kameen’ breaks records in the UAE



Al Kameen (The Ambush), an Emirati action film co-produced by AGC International and Image Nation Abu Dhabi. Has shattered box office records with over 170,000 admissions since its November 25 release.

Based on a true story, the war movie is one of the five top-grossing films of the year, a week after its release

This makes it the foremost successful Emirati and Arabic-language film within the UAE, which is one among the world’s top 20 box office markets. It has also established itself as one of the top five grossing films of the year after only one week in theatres.

It is the fifth-largest opening within the UAE this year, trailing only Fast 9, Venom 2, No Time to Die, and Godzilla vs Kong.

As per the producers, over 400 cast and crew members worked on Al Kameen. Making it the smallest rabic-language feature production in the GCC.

Recently, acclaimed director Pierre Morel, producers Derek Dauchy and Jennifer Roth, as well as the real Emirati soldiers who inspired the film.

Attended the film’s performance at Vox Cinemas Yas Mall.  It has been a box office and critical success since its release on Thursday. It is currently playing on 185 screens in the United Arab Emirates.


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Ignace Lahoud, Chief Executive Officer, Majid Al Futtaim Leisure, Entertainment & Cinemas, said. “We are extremely pleased with the record-breaking success that Al Kameen is experiencing in the UAE.

This proves that audiences want the immersive and unrivaled experience that cinema provides.”

Our commitment to championing local talent and ensuring audiences have access to high-quality Arabic content is unwavering. We look forward to working with Image Nation Abu Dhabi in the future.”

However, It is overwhelming to hear how audiences across the UAE have responded to our project. I am so proud to have been a part of this fantastic project.

Al Kameen’s success is no doubt due to the exception

Apart from the compelling story, Al Kameen’s success is no doubt due to the exceptionally talented crew based in Abu Dhabi,” says Hana Kazim, Manager of Local Film and TV at Image Nation Abu Dhabi and executive producer of Al Kameen.

This achievement shows that the Emirate is producing world-class content. We hope that the film’s success will lead to more opportunities for our well-established local talent.”

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Bob Dylan has sold his full recording catalog to Sony



Bob Dylan has sold his full recording catalog

According to industry reports such as Billboard and Variety, the most recent Dylan deal was worth around $200 million.

Bob Dylan sold his all back catalog of recorded music to Sony Music Entertainment. Along with “the rights to numerous future new releases,” the company announced the latest high-profile deal in the recent music rights purchasing rush on Monday.

Sony did not disclose the financial assignments of the deal. However, in late 2020. The iconic American artist sold his songwriting rights distinct from recording rights. Which govern reproduction and distribution, to Universal in a deal valued at more than $300 million.

According to industry reports such as Billboard and Variety, the latest Dylan contract was worth around $200 million. Sony stated that the recording rights transaction would be completed in July 2021, tightening Dylan’s six-decade relationship with the company.

The composer of folk-rock classics such as “Like a Rolling Stone” and “Tangled Up in Blue” was signed to Sony’s Columbia Records in 1961 and released his debut album the following year.

Sony Music Group chairman Rob Stringer praised the singer-“unrivaled songwriter’s genius,” saying, “Columbia Records has had a good relationship with Bob Dylan from the beginning of his career.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

We are tremendously proud also excited to be continuing to grow or evolve our ongoing 60-year partnership.”

Sony announced plans to work with Dylan on “a range of future catalogue reissues in the artist’s renowned and top-selling Bootleg Series,” a project. That began in 1991 and has seen the artist make public more rare, previously unreleased studio and live material.

Sony will also collaborate with Dylan on “additional projects” under the terms of the agreement. Dylan’s 39th studio album, “Rough and Rowdy Ways,” was released to critical acclaim in 2020.

Actual, at the age of 80, he continues to tour extensively, recently announcing a string of new dates in the US South. As part of a worldwide run that will last until 2024. Dylan’s Sony deal is distinct from his blockbuster publishing deal with Universal. Dylan’s prolific songwriting catalogue has been cover numerous times, making his songwriting catalogue particularly valuable.

His publishing deal with Universal was one of the most high-profile sales that preceded a flurry of music catalogue transactions in the last year, as financial markets have become increasingly attracted to music portfolios as an asset class.

The anticipated stability of streaming growth, combined with low-interest rates and dependable earnings projections for time-tested hits, is driving the trend. It’s also beneficial for artists who are concerned with estate planning. Companies have acquired major catalogues from David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Nicks, Paul Simon, Motley Crue, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Shakira.

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Chris Evans co-stars with Dwayne Johnson in Amazon’s holiday film Red One



Chris Evans will co-star with Dwayne Johnson

Red One is describe as “a globe-trotting, four-quadrant action-adventure comedy that imagines a whole new universe to explore within the holiday genre.”

Chris Evans will co-star with Dwayne Johnson in Amazon Studios’ upcoming holiday film Red One. Variety’s feature film is based on an original story written by Hiram Garcia, president of Seven Bucks Productions.

According to the press, the film is “a globe-trotting, four-quadrant action-adventure comedy, imagining a whole new universe to explore within the holiday genre. The movie is start direct by Jake Kasdan, working from a script written by Chris Morgan.

Johnson is also a producer, working with Hiram also Dany Garcia of Seven Bucks Productions.

Kasdan’s production company, The Detective Agency, will work with Melvin Mar and co-producer Sky Salem Robinson to create the film.

Chris Evans will co-star with Dwayne Johnson

Chris Evans will co-star with Dwayne Johnson

The film will be shot this year, according to the producers. Evans has also recently appeared in Adam McKay’s Netflix end-of-the-world comedy Don’t Look Up, as well as Mark Bomback’s Apple TV+ series Defending Jacob. He play an assistant district attorney whose life was turn upside down when his son was charged with murder.

Knives Out, The Red Sea Diving Resort, Gifted, Before We Go, Snowpiercer, The Iceman, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Street Kings. The Nanny Diaries, Sunshine, Fantastic Four, also Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer are among his other film credits.

Kasdan is producing alongside Melvin Mar and co-producer Sky Salem Robinson through The Detective Agency. With Morgan for Chris Morgan Productions also Johnson, Hiram Garcia, and Dany Garcia for Seven Bucks.

Evans is represent by 3 Arts Entertainment, CAA, and attorney Jason Sloane; Johnson, Dany Garcia, Hiram Garcia, and Seven Bucks Productions are represent by WME also Gang, Tyre, Ramer. WME represents mar; Kasdan is represent by WME and Sloss Eckhouse Dasti Haynes LawCo, and ICM means Morgan.

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Thierry Mugler, a fashion designer, has died at the age of 73



fashion designer

According to his agent, Jean-Baptiste Rougeot, the designer died of ‘natural causes.’

Thierry Mugler, the French designer who rule fashion in the 1980s and die on Sunday, was known for his fantastical couture as well as his blockbuster fashion shows. He was 73 years old.

Mugler’s daring collections came to define the decade’s power dressing. With his clothes known for their structure also sophisticate silhouettes, which were highlight by his extravagant shows.

“I always thought that fashion was insufficient on its own. And that it need to be shown in its musical and theatrical context,” he once said.

Later in his career, he dress Beyonce and Lady Gaga, and he came out of retirement in 2019 to create Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala look.

Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler

“We are devastate to declare the passing of Mr. Manfred Thierry Mugler on Sunday, January 23rd, 2022,” the designer’s official Facebook account said in a post. His agent, Jean-Baptiste Rougeot, state that the designer death of “natural causes” but add that he was set to announce new collaborations early this week.

At heart, I’m a showman.

Mugler was born in Strasbourg in December 1948, also as a young teen. He join the ballet company of the Opera du Rhin before attending the School of Decorative Arts. He began making his clothes at a young age, adapting items purchase at nearby flea markets. Mugler transferred to Paris at the age of 20 to work for another ballet company, but he was more successful with his wardrobe.

“Dancing taught me a lot about posture, clothing organization, the importance of the shoulders, head carriage, and the play and rhythm of the legs,” Mugler said.

A natural showman, he staged spectacular presentations of his creations. Ushering in the modern spectacle of the 21st-century fashion show. “The fashion shows of today are a continuation of what Mugler pioneered. The collections served as a cover for fashion shows, “Didier Grumbach, former CEO of Thierry Mugler, recalled.

He had showmanship in his blood: for his label’s tenth anniversary in 1984. He organized the first public fashion show in Europe, with 6,000 people attending the rock concert-style event.

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