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Driver in Dubai Akshay wins 1kg Gold in a Mahzooz draw, and he won it on his Dad’s Death Anniversary.



mahzooz draw akash

Parents from heaven can bless you any time. The proof is Akshay in Dubai. Driver in Dubai Akshay wins 1kg Gold in a Mahzooz draw. The day he won was his Dad’s Death Anniversary. 

Mahzooz Draw:

Three people win Dh100,000 each; 43 participants share Dh1 million Mahzooz prize money. The fortunes of three lucky expats adjusted for good after winning Dh100,000 each in the 54th weekly live Mahzooz draw. In contrast, a 22-year-old Driver in Dubai Akshay wins 1kg Gold in a Mahzooz draw.

Responding to the win, the Dubai resident said he thought the prize is a gift from his late father, who died of cancer: “The draw occurred on the same day as my father’s first death anniversary. My dad was my pillar of strength, and life was hard without him. I think he sent this prize my way to make my life easier and reduce the burden of my responsibilities.”

Akshay transferred to Dubai two years ago to work as a driver at a gas agency and help his mother, brother, and sister-in-law back in India. “I’ve ever desired of emptying my family’s debts. This gold will help me do that as well as build a house and purchase my mother a gold chain,” he says.

The weekly Mahzooz draw also saw three raffle draw winners win Dh100,000 each.

For Sharjah resident Imran, the prize money will let him the freedom he has always dreamed of: “This prize money is such a great boost to my savings. We live in a joint family household in India, but I can now buy my wife and daughters an independent house. This win will also help me secure my daughters’ future education,” says the Indian sales project manager.

For Indian AC mechanic Riju, and Filipino restaurant supervisor, Maria, the prize money will give them the ability to retire early and enjoy their time with family and loved ones.

Riju, 46, says: “I’ve been in the UAE for 15 years and I’ve been planning to wrap things up here and settle down in India next March. This prize money came into my life at the most opportune moment to facilitate my move and allow me the freedom to set up a business I can live off.

While Riju was in a barbershop in Dubai when he obtained texts from his friend reporting of his win, Maria was at home in Abu Dhabi recovering from surgery when a couple of friends texted her saying he had won.

“When I scanned my Mahzooz account and saw the winnings, I was so happy,” says the 48-year-old who has lived in the UAE for 23 years.

I’m going to go home to the Philippines for good in January, so, this prize money feels like an early Christmas gift as well as a great farewell gift from both Mahzooz and the UAE,

“Now, instead of working in a restaurant, I will run my own in the Philippines.” Source from gulftime and Khaleej times. Get all top news of UAE on Arab market news.

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Margaret Thatcher over Heathrow ‘frustratingly dour’ airspace



Margaret Thatcher complained about Heathrow’s shortcomings.

The overcrowded and sometimes shabby Heathrow International Airport contrasted with Dubai’s well-organized and aesthetically pleasing International Airport. What gave this grumble added power was that it came from the British prime minister. Describing Heathrow as “frustratingly dour” in comparison with Dubai.During a trip to the UAE in April 1981, Margaret Thatcher complained about Heathrow’s shortcomings.

Her, diplomatic private secretary, Michael Alexander wrote the note on Thatcher’s orders. Commenting on Heathrow’s faults and who deserved credit for Dubai’s achievements. The letter is clear and frank in its assessment of Heathrow’s shortcomings.

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Heathrow get credit for Dubai’s accomplishments

Apparently sent by Thatcher’s diplomatic private secretary Michael Alexander. The letter holds no punches when it comes to how Heathrow is doing and who should get credit for Dubai’s accomplishments.

“Thatcher used to brief him on nuclear weapons and the Soviet Union threat.” Wrote Alexander, who had more experience briefing her on nuclear weapons and military threats.

According to a note from the Iron Lady’s visit in April 1981, her disappointment with Heathrow was evident. “She questions how Sheikh Mohammed can achieve this when HMG’s experience combined with Heathrow’s inability to achieve it?

“An airport is often the first experience that visitors have of a nation. The prime minister is frustrated by the inadequacies at Heathrow, and suggests that we learn some lessons from Dubai.”

Alexander writes to George Walden, then private secretary to the foreign secretary Lord Carrington, but with a copy to Douglas Hurd, now Lord Hurd, as minister for Europe.

Additionally, It is worth noting that the letter – marked “confidential” – also introduces Lord Fowler to the debate as minister of transport In the early 1980s Heathrow was in a particularly bad state.

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EXPO 2020 Dubai changing luck of Pakistan. Billions of Investment in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.



valley in khyber pakhtun pakistan

At last, some good news is coming for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. They will see growth in their region. EXPO 2020 Dubai changing luck of Pakistan.

khyber Pakhtun pakistan

khyber Pakhtun pakistan


As per the latest news, more than 40+ deals have been made for the Khyber Pakhtun region of Pakistan. That place of Pakistan is a fantastic location, and tourism investors can earn a lot from it. So we can say that EXPO 2020 Dubai changing  luck of Pakistan. 

Investment in Pakistan:

More than $8 Billion investment in the Khyber Pakhtun area and Pakistan will boost Pakistan’s economy. This nation has passed through many ups and down over the past few decades. It’s high time for some good investment to change the fortunes of new generation Pakistanis. Dubai EXPO is where they are getting a deserving response from investors worldwide. The first location which everyone loves is Khyber Phaktun. 

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan:

With this investment, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) will become the next business hub of Pakistan. Many don’t know that it is the third-largest Pakistani province in population. All the people in this region will be happy with this great news. Every Pakistani will be satisfied with this great news. Pakistan is a nation that needs to improve in many departments. Their name has been deemed due to many reasons. The main thing is terror groups. With this kind of investment in Pakistan, people’s trust will come back in Pakistan. But here, Pakistanis have to ensure that no new problem stops their projects in Pakhtun’s area. 

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An Emirati astronaut describes his life inside a Russian isolation pod



The Emirati astronaut was locked inside an isolation bubble

Taking part in a space research project in the UAE has been a life-changing experience. The Emirati astronaut was locked inside an isolation bubble with five international crew members for almost three months. He is the first Arab to be part of a field test that simulates long-term space travel.

Research is taking place inside the NEK experimental complex in Moscow for the eight-month Sirius 20/21 project. Which has its own atmosphere and atmospheric pressure to create a space-like environment.

Astronaut might cope with prolonged space travel

However, The researchers are carefully monitoring the crew’s behavior using the cameras. Installed around the space station to determine how astronauts might cope with prolonged space travel.

Analyze any psychological and physiological effects they may experience. They have also been observing what effect living in near-isolation might have on their mental or physical health.

Saleh Al Ameri, 31, has spent almost three months locked inside an environment similar to a space. Ship travelling to the moon and Mars with five international crew members. Moreover, He is the first Arab to be part of a field test that simulates long-term space travel.

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Moreover, He will not be going to the Moon, but his participation in this programme will help further research into deep space missions. By understanding how space flight affects the body and the mind.

However, His participation is vital to understanding what it is like to be in deep space. When humans land on the Moon and Mars.

He said his room is small, but adequate, saying: “This is my room, which has a small desk next to it and two laptop computers.”

“We fill out a table with the results,” he said, “and we send it to the doctors who monitor the changes to our blood pressure, the temperatures that occur inside the vessel, and the effects of isolation on our bodies.” “We send this data to the experts everyday at 7am.”

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