DFM Company Net Profit 2021 is Dh38.1. In 2020 DFM Net profit was 120.1 Million.



The market capitalization is up by Dh392.2 Billion, which is 15%. The general index is around 14.2%. Foreign investors purchased around Dh1.3 Billion. DFM Company net profit 2021. 

Dubai Financial Market Company Net Profit

Dubai Financial Market Company Net Proft 2021:

On Wednesday, we show DFM Company Net Profit 2021 is Dh38.1 net profit for the first nine months of 2021. Last year DFM Company ne profit in 2022 was around Dh120.1 million. DFM Company Net Profit 2021 compare to last year.

DFM Total Revenue:

The company’s total revenue touched Dh183.1 million during the nine months. It was Dh271 million during the corresponding period of the previous year. The revenue is involved of Dh117.9 million of working income and Dh65.2 million of venture returns and other income.

The company’s costs decreased four per cent to Dh145 million by the close of September 2021, matched to Dh150.9 million in the same time of 2020.

DFM performance during the first nine months of 2021:

Essa Kazim, chairman of the Dubai Financial Market Company, says the market capitalization of DFM-listed bonds has risen 15 per cent to Dh392.2 billion. The General Index was driven by 14.2 per cent despite the 23.7 per cent drop in trading value to Dh38.7 billion compared to its level during the similar period of 2020.

Foreign investors:

Strong attendance with 47.5 per cent market share of exchanging value. They were also net consumers of Dh1.3 billion, and their market capitalization ownership reached 18.5 per cent at the end of September 2021. Furthermore, institutional investors considered 44 per cent of the dealing venture with a net purchase of Dh429 million. This indicates UAE’s and foreign investors’ deep faith in DFM’s landscapes and diversified events.”

“The DFM has brought many retail and institutional investors alike, adding up 3798 new vendors to the market. It includes 467 institutions and brings its investor base to 849,574 investors from 208 countries at the end of September 2021. Foreign investors are considered for 66 per cent of the new investors (2,503), serving 81 per cent of the new businesses that have entered the market this year (381 institutions).

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