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Defence of Saudi Arabia’s is priority for the US



defence of Saudi Arabia

According to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. The United States views Saudi Arabia as a crucial ally. Also is dedicate to the Kingdom’s defence.

“The United States and Saudi Arabia have a solid alliance”. He welcomed Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan to Washington for meetings on Thursday. Saying, “We are dedicate for the protection of the Kingdom.”

“This cooperation with Saudi Arabia is an essential one, a vital one. Also one that we are thankful of in terms of dealing with some of the most critical issues we have”. Blinken said during a news conference with his Saudi counterpart.

The close cooperation between the two allies was also lauded by Prince Faisal.

“Our connection has brought enormous benefit to both of our nations. But not just to us, but also to the region and the globe,” Prince Faisal added.

Blinken repeated US disapproval of Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia. As well as the US commitment to assist Saudi Arabia for defence of its land and people. According to State Department spokeswoman Ned Price.

The diplomats stressed the importance of promoting joint efforts to stop the Houthi militia’s continuous attacks. Attacks on civilian and economic targets, eliminate the threat it poses to international navigation. Also to prevent it from using the suffering of the Yemeni people as a bargaining chip. According to the Saudi Foreign Ministry.

“The common objective of achieving a sustainable settlement to end the crisis in Yemen” was in discussion, according to Price.

Prince Faisal on the Defence Topic

The meeting, according to Prince Faisal, was constructive. With discussions on “ways to deepen our strategic relationship and collaboration on various fronts.”

According to the Saudi ministry statement. The two parties discussed Iran’s nuclear program as well as related international discussions.

Prince Faisal and Secretary Blinken also emphasized the significance of supporting anything. Which contributes to Afghanistan’s security and stability.

“Our two nations have strong and deep established connections that transcend decades,”. Saudi Ambassador to the United States Princess Reema bint Bandar tweeted following the meeting. “We will continue to work together on all fronts to cement our alliance.”

The duo stated before of the meeting that regional security, climate change, and energy will be on the agenda.


“We’re doing a lot of work together on a range of really important topics,”. Blinken added, citing climate change, energy, Yemen, and Iran as examples.

“We’re going to speak about regional security and how we can work together on that. Also, as you stated, climate change, energy, and recovery from COVID-19,”. Saudi Arabia’s top ambassador continued.

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Global Day of Education: Arab children fall behind due to digital poverty



40 percent of children did not have access to remote learning

A report by the World Bank and UN agencies Unicef and Unesco states more than 37 million. Students were not able to learn remotely during lockdowns in 2020. Due to a lack of devices and internet connections. However, In the Middle East and North Africa, 40 percent of children did not have access to remote learning. During the coronavirus pandemic, the report shows.

Unicef Middle East and North Africa regional chief of advocacy and communication. Juliette Touma noted that “this group of children had no access to smartphones, laptops or tablets.”

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“They often had no access to TV or radio,” she said. “Covid-19 has made things worse by making it harder for the children to attend school.”

Experts told The National that the dropout rate and lack of 21st-century schooling are contributing to the crisis of education in the Mena region. Which has one of the world’s highest proportions of students unable to access remote learning.

With 48 percent of children not receiving education

In addition, Only Western and Central Africa had a worse outcome. With 48 percent of children not receiving education. Eastern and Southern Africa had 49 percent. No access to remote learning was available to 31 percent of children in 2020.

Even before the pandemic, 15 million children in Mena didn’t attend school because of poverty and conflict,.Said Ms Touma, speaking before World Education Day on Monday.

The region has been dealing with the crisis of education for years. She said, and Covid’s implication has definitely exacerbated it. She said it was “good” that all governments in the region put online their curriculum for children, regardless of their circumstances.

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Omicron: 40 countries possess at least one ‘DANGEROUS’ version of Omicron



The rise of an Omicron descendant

The global medical community has been watching the rise of an Omicron descendant recently isolated from at least 40 countries, including the United States.

This variant of the coronavirus is known as BA 2. It is considered more stealthy than the original Omicron because of certain genetic traits. Some experts are also concerned that it may be more contagious.

Since mid-November, nearly 3 dozen countries have uploaded nearly 15,000 genetic sequences of BA2 to GISAID. A global platform for sharing coronavirus data As of Tuesday morning, 96 of the sequenced cases have come from the US Since mid-November.

Nearly three dozen countries have uploaded nearly 15,000 genetic sequences of BA2.  Including a handful from the US More than two dozen countries have uploaded genetic sequences across several other coronaviruses since last month.

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The mutant of Omicron appears to be much more common in Asia and Europe

“So far, we haven’t seen it spread” in the United States, said Dr Wesley Long of Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas. Which identified three cases of BA.2 in the past month.

The mutant appears to be much more common in Asia and Europe – in Denmark. It accounted for 45 percent of Covid-19 cases at the end of January, up from 20 percent two weeks earlier. According to Statens Serum Institut, which falls under the Danish Ministry of Health.

Around 20 of the mutations in BA.2’s spike protein share common features with the original Omicron. Yet it has other changes peculiar to BA.2.

If a population has already encountered the original Omicron. It’s not clear how significant the additional changes are, said Dr. Jeremy Luban, a virologist at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Interestingly, the first two analyses of BA.2 do not reveal any difference in hospitalization rates between it and the original Omicron. “We have some indications that it may be as contagious as or slightly more contagious than Omicron,” Dr. Long said.

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Will Oil Prices touch triple Digits in 2022? If it reaches what will the effect on growing nations.



Oil slipped towards $84 a barrel, the first weekly loss in about two months.

The Crude has been hovering around $88 per barrel since the last 2021 ending. Can we see Oil Prices touch triple digits in 2022? If it goes there, what will impact growing nations like India and all?

oil price per barrel near 88

Market sentiments in the oil market are upbeat. Demand may rise as omicron’s fear is getting lesser with time. Now the question is will we see oil prices touch triple digits in 2022.

Last year from November 2022, we have to see the Global benchmark brent crude jump by 25%. It is around $88 per barrel from November 2022. Market analysts suggest demand will grow. Omicron’s fear is getting lesser now, which will spark demand, and Oil prices may increase in 2022.

However, prices fell towards the end of the year as new variants emerged, and conditions were placed again in several nations to contain the Omicron variant’s spread. Prices began rising at the close of the year, gaining permission from the record highs achieved in financial market indicators. Gains were supported by the reopening of economizing and anticipated faster economic development in the near term.

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