Cryogenic Technology experiment to Freeze Carbon Emissions in Saudi

The scientists of Saudi are testing Cryogenic Technology and experimenting. In order to, freeze Carbon emissions.

According to Bloomberg News, a team of scientists at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Jeddah is testing a method to freeze greenhouse gas emissions from power plants at about half the cost of existing carbon capture methods.

Cryogenic technology, developed by a private company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, with sustainable energy solutions. The large-scale cost ranges from US$35 to US$40 per ton, said William Roberts, a university professor.

Roberts said that the team hopes to extract up to 25 tons of oil a day from a power plant near the new town of Neom within two years. The project will cost approximately US$25 million.

“We believe that energy costs are low, floor space is small, and capital costs are relatively low,” he said. “Efficiency increases with scale, for instance.”

Saudi Arabia explored a series of technologies for carbon capture, storage, and reuse. Saudi Aramco captures 40 million cubic feet of carbon dioxide every day at its Hawia natural gas facility. And then transports it 85 kilometers to the Usmania oil field. In order to inject it into the reservoir to increase oil storage and production.

Aramco is also developing a technology that can capture and store carbon dioxide emissions from car exhausts until they are released at gas stations.

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