Coronavirus continues to rampage in Qom

The coronavirus pandemic began in Iran’s sacred city of Qom. Where Shiite academics study and pilgrims visit to a shrine thought to be a portal to heaven. However it continues to this day.

While Iran attempts to vaccinate its 80 million citizens, authorities claim that many in Qom have not sought vaccinations. According to provincial health department head Mohammad Reza Qadir, the city only provided 17,000 injections each day. However out of a capacity of 30,000 in a recent week.

One explanation for this is religious apprehension on the part of others. Despite the hazards of viral transmission in crowded and insufficiently ventilated settings. In addition religious leaders were hesitant to close shrines and sacred sites in the early days of the pandemic.

Facilities Down Due to Coronavirus

Some facilities were temporarily down. However they eventually reopened and remained operational throughout the pandemic’s many phases. There have been 5.5 million confirm viral infections in Iran, the Middle Eastern country worst impacted by the pandemic. Throughout 119,000 individuals have died, putting a huge strain on graves all over the country. Officials admit that the death toll is likely to be far higher.

Thousands of people are bury at Qom’s Behesht-e-Masoumeh cemetery. Families may be crying every day as they bury their loved ones in traditional shrouds. They’ve all excavated new gravesites, and the dead are generally bury extremely deep in the dirt.


Many hospitals are overflowing with patients, some of whom are in medically induce coma cases. Also officials warn of a probable sixth wave of illnesses sweeping the country.

The coronavirus initially appeared in Iran at Qom, some 125 kilometers southwest of Tehran. Authorities believe it was introduce by an Iranian businessman returning from China. Where the virus initially surfaced in Wuhan province in 2019. Chinese students flock to Qom’s Shiite seminaries. The city is also near a solar power plant that Beijing is helping to develop. As well as a $2.7 billion high-speed train link being under construction by a Chinese business.

Regardless of what began the epidemic here, the virus continues to spread.

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