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Brand Finance placed Saudi Arabia 19th



Brand Finance placed Saudi Arabia 19th

Brand Finance, an international brand valuation firm, has issued its newest Nation Brands report. Which ranks and evaluates the performance of nations throughout the world.

Saudi Arabia is now rank at 19th on the list, up one position from 2020. From $662.3 billion to $714.9 billion, its brand worth has grown by 8%.

Significant improvements in gross domestic product predictions have fueled the company’s brand value expansion. KSA’s economic recovery has been significant, coupled with improvements in the macroeconomic environment. Moreover it recovers from limits imposed by coronavirus illness (COVID-19).

The rebound of oil prices has helped to revive the economy of a country still dependent on oil. But it is not the main cause for its economic progress. Progress in non-oil industries, such as tourism, infrastructure, and industrial diversification. Also has made a substantial contribution.

The government’s excellent reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. Which included a successful vaccine distribution, has allowed it not only recover from its 2020 value fall. But even surpass its pre-pandemic valuation in 2019.

Moreover, despite the epidemic, Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is making progress, contributing to the country’s development.

Local Saudi brands play a crucial part in the Kingdom’s change and progress. STC, for example, is promoting IT growth by constructing a regional digital center. While SABIC is launching program to support the formation and expansion of small and local enterprises. Also Saudi Aramco is driving the Kingdom into the world stage by supporting international projects.

Brand Finance Ranking evaluates on these basis

Brand Finance evaluates brand investment, equity, and performance to determine the strength of national brands. This year, the Kingdom’s brand strength increased by four points to 69.3/100. Moreover owing to better perceptions among audiences throughout the world.

The soft power pillars of Influence, Reputation, and Governance have all improved in the United States. The impressions of Saudi Arabia’s leaders. As well as assessments of the country as a safe and secure nation, have significantly improved. KSA has made significant steps to enhance public impressions of its administration. Including fostering and promoting women’s sports by launching the first women’s football league last year. Also hosting the Aramco Saudi Ladies International golf tournament.


It was also the first Arab country to host the G20 summit in Riyadh last year, and in doing so. Also it took on the obligation of promoting and adhering to the G20 agenda. Which included a commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Will Oil Prices touch triple Digits in 2022? If it reaches what will the effect on growing nations.



Oil slipped towards $84 a barrel, the first weekly loss in about two months.

The Crude has been hovering around $88 per barrel since the last 2021 ending. Can we see Oil Prices touch triple digits in 2022? If it goes there, what will impact growing nations like India and all?

oil price per barrel near 88

Market sentiments in the oil market are upbeat. Demand may rise as omicron’s fear is getting lesser with time. Now the question is will we see oil prices touch triple digits in 2022.

Last year from November 2022, we have to see the Global benchmark brent crude jump by 25%. It is around $88 per barrel from November 2022. Market analysts suggest demand will grow. Omicron’s fear is getting lesser now, which will spark demand, and Oil prices may increase in 2022.

However, prices fell towards the end of the year as new variants emerged, and conditions were placed again in several nations to contain the Omicron variant’s spread. Prices began rising at the close of the year, gaining permission from the record highs achieved in financial market indicators. Gains were supported by the reopening of economizing and anticipated faster economic development in the near term.

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Dubai 2040: Residents’ lives will be transformed by the Urban Master Plan



Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan

Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, which describes Dubai’s development over the next two decades. Involves significant changes to the city’s landscape and skyline.

A wide range of initiatives aim to provide residents with the best possible quality of life. While developing the next phase of its residential and economic growth. It is Dubai’s seventh urban master plan of its kind since 1960.

The heart of tradition remains Deira and Bur Dubai. While Downtown Dubai and Business Bay act as the financial center of the emirate. The center of tourism and entertainment is Dubai Marina. While Expo 2020 is the gateway to international exhibitions.

According to Gurminder Singh Sagoo, director of professional services at WSP in the Middle East.  A professional urban planner with three decades of experience.

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Dubai 2040 is easy to understand and people can relate to it. Also, the plan outlines a vision for how Dubai will look in the future, according to experts.

Google the 2040 master plan

Today, when you Google the 2040 master plan, you’ll see social media is really awash in it. Social media users are talking about it, not urban planners and engineering consultants.

“It’s people like you and me talking about it.” “It’s ordinary people.” “That’s what makes the master plan so impactful,” Mr. Sagoo said.

The plan will further encourage growth that the people of Dubai are used to. “It shows them where the economy is heading and helps them visualize a thriving economy which has diversified and hopefully gives consumers confidence.” Once the center of Dubai, the plan envisions regeneration of ‘older’ areas like Bur Dubai and Deira.

The plan aims to ‘unlock’ the potential of new parts of the city, something that has happened in other developing cities around the world as well.

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In February, the UK’s Prince William will visit the UAE



Prince William will visit Dubai to mark the UAE’s 50th anniversary

During the Duke of Cambridge’s first official trip to the UAE, on February 10. Prince William will visit Dubai to mark the UAE’s 50th anniversary during the UK booth’s celebrations at Expo 2020 Dubai. The pavilion will take up most of Expo 2020 Dubai, and it will showcase talent from across the UK.

The Queen’s Baton Relay for Birmingham 2022, announced by Queen Elizabeth II in October, will take place at Expo and visit pavilions of Commonwealth nations.

Prince William will also visit the UAE as part of his visit to the UAE that strengthens the relationship between the UK and UAE.

On his visit to the UAE, Prince William will meet Emirati youth and government leaders. There will also be a discussion of two Royal Foundation programmes: United for Wildlife and The Earthshot Prize.

As an avid conservationist, Prince William will learn about UAE initiatives to prevent climate change and protect the flora and fauna of the region.

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In 2014, Prince William established United for Wildlife, a global conservation initiative that brings together seven conservation organizations to combat the trade in illegal wildlife, which threatens the world’s most iconic species. United for Wildlife included innovators, a country, and a city that had made extensive contributions.

Prince William will gain more insight

There are many countries in the world taking action against this $150 billion criminal enterprise, including the UAE. During his visit, Prince William will gain more insight into how UAE public-private partnerships are helping to achieve this goal.

Prince William set up the inaugural 2021 Earthshot Prize, which includes innovators, countries, and cities as winners. The winners of this first prize were also showcased at Expo 2020.

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