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Big Earthquake in Pakistan, Magnitude of 5.7 on Thursday early morning.

With a magnitude of 5.7, the Big earthquake in Pakistan hit in the early hours of Thursday while people were sleeping. Read more about it in details.

earthquake hit pakistan
earthquake hit pakistan

Casualties reported in Pakistan after Earthquake:

More than 20 people died, and more than 300 people were injured. The Big earthquake in Pakistan hit southern Pakistan. On Thursday, disaster Management Authority Director General Naseer Nasir said that this is one of the biggest earthquakes noticed after many years.

Earthquake in Pakistan after many years:

With a size of 5.7, the earthquake struck in the early hours of Thursday while people were sleeping in Pakistan. Rescue workers said the casualties were mostly women and childrens. The quake was almost shallow at 20 km with an epicentre 102 km east of Quetta, said the US Geological Survey (USGS). This is one of the biggest quake of Pakistan in recent times.

Houses damaged in Pakistan during this Earthquake:

More than 100 mud houses crumpled, and a large number were broken, including Govt buildings. As a result, hundreds of people are homeless, Sohail Anwar, deputy commissioner in Harnai, told Reuters.

Social media footage’s of the earthquake:

Social media videos out. You can see houses trembling and light fixtures swaying as the quake struck. Later surprised citizens rallying in the street in the dark. The injured were rushed to hospital, while some were treated on stretchers under phone torchlight in the street. Also read about the Saudi priest of state minister for African nations issues, met with Sheik Shakhbout bin Nahyan.

A reminder of the 1935 earthquake:

This earthquake gave us a reminder of a 7.7-magnitude earthquake that hit Quetta in 1935. At that, more than 30,000 to60,000 people died. It is said to be the deadliest quakes of Pakistan. In 2000 Gujarat too showed one of the biggest earthquakes in which many people died, and on record, it is one of the deadliest earthquakes of south Asia. Stay tuned for more updates on this quake in Pakistan. Surely more news is coming related to this quake in Pakistan.

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