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Independent Palestine call made by Biden in UN

According to US Vice President Joe Biden. The greatest way to secure Israel’s future is through the creation of an independent and democratic Palestinian state. On the first day of the UN General Assembly, Biden declared. “We must pursue a future of greater peace and security for all Middle Eastern peoples.”

To me, a two-state solution is the best approach to secure Israel’s future. Also a Jewish democratic state coexisting peacefully with a independent Palestinian state.

“We have a long way to get there, but we must never give up hope that we can make progress”. As long as Tehran follows through on its commitments, Biden reiterated his pledge to return to the 2015 nuclear agreement. There is a stalemate about who will take the initial move in resolving the issue.

According to Biden, the world is entering a “decisive decade” in which leaders must work together. In addition to battle the coronavirus pandemic global climate change, and cyber dangers. He announced a $10 billion increase in US climate aid and a doubling of the country’s commitment to fighting hunger.


Earlier, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Who enters a second five-year term on January 1, warned of the dangers. Of the widening gap between the world’s two largest economies, China and the United States.

Guterres expressed concern that the world was “creeping toward two distinct sets of economic, commercial, financial, and technological norms”. As well as two different approaches to the development of artificial intelligence (AI). Also two different military and geopolitical agendas.

“This is formula for disaster. It’d be lot more unpredictable than the Cold War was.
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