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Baby Giraffe send to the World’s biggest artificial safari UAE.

The Al Ain Zoo prepares the Baby giraffe to send to the World’s biggest artificial safari area. Where visitors can serve them and experience up-close interactions

uae giraffe
uae giraffe

Al-Ain Zoo:

Zoo will free baby Rothschild’s giraffes into Al Ain Safari to live beside the current group of 12 individuals in the largest artificial safari in the World. Baby Giraffe send to the World’s biggest artificial safari.

Al-Ain Zoo press:

The mixture of the Baby giraffes with the grown-ups is part of its wildlife preservation programmes and plans to grow and expand the numbers of Rothschild’s giraffes. A sub-species that has been join to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of imperil species. Al-Ain Zoo said in a press statement on Monday related to this giraffe topic.

Animal specialist taking care:

The newborn giraffes get personal help from their animal care professionals. It builds a solid connection through a plan based on the positive brace and behavioural training. It mainly aims to promote the interactions required for giving animals their everyday needs. Read about expo 2020 visitors in first 10 days.

Different types of food:

A few months after their delivery, the baby giraffes are detach and eat beside their mothers. Then, they start to get help in feeding alone by being introduce to different types of food by their animal care professionals. The entire method results in the zoo serving the young giraffes to be re-home in the Safari area. Guests can serve them and enjoy up-close communications.

Care for Animals:

Great to see people care about animals. UAE is setting a great example. They value every creatures life. More and more artificial Zoos are started in Dubai and various parts of UAE. Due to high lifestyle, Individuals from Dubai UAE are starting their own Zoo’s for animals. It is becoming a new culture too in UAE. This is the reason why UAE is gaining a name in wildlife, too, even in diverse conditions.


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