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Australia opens its international borders first time after COVID-19.

After almost 1.5years, Australia opens its international borders first after the Pandemic. Border reopens after all the checking and all. Vaccinated citizens are now allowed. 

Australia opens its international borders
Australia opens its international borders

Strict border rules of Australia:

Once the Pandemic started worldwide. Australia followed strict rules with Newzealand in terms of closing borders. Now, after 1.5years as COVID-19, cases worldwide going down, and vaccines are making people immune. Australia opens its international borders first time after the Pandemic. Rules were so strict that no Australian could leave the nation.  

Protecting Nation:

The policy has been approved for helping to defeat Covid, but it has also controversially left families. “It’s time to give Australians their lives back,” PM Scott Morrison said.

Cases and Deaths:

More than 1,300 deaths from Covid-19 and more than 107,000 cases of the virus. When their state’s vaccination rate hit 80%, Mr Morrison told a press announcement on Friday; people would be available to travel.

Travel rules in Australia:

Travel would not directly be open to newcomers, but the administration said it was working “towards embracing tourists back to our beaches”. At present, people can leave Australia only for genuine reasons such as necessary work or attending to a dying relative. After that, entry is allowed for citizens and others with exceptions. But there are strong caps on visitor numbers. 

Mr Morriso Aus PM:

Australia’s mandatory 14-day change to 7days now visitors cost goes down. This decision will save lots of money for tourists. Each traveller were paying A$3,000 (£1,600; $2,100). Unvaccinated tourists must still isolate for 14 days in hotels.

Major cities:

Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra are in lockdown due to brawls of the virus. That has helped inspire a wave in vaccine uptake in recent months.

New South Wales:

Sydney and new south walves are on track to be the first state to cross the 80% threshold in a few weeks. Victoria – including Melbourne – is not far following. But states like Queensland and Western Australia have warned to keep their borders secured until vaccine rates are higher. PEACE EFFORTS IN YEMEN DISCUSS BY SAUDI AND SWEDISH.

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