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Arafat Day and The Women on Makkah

At the point when a large number of Muslims travel to the valley of Mina on the primary day of Hajj, the ladies of Makkah head to the Grand Mosque, to respect a side interest custom as of late broken because of the COVID-19.

It is additionally a day that gives testimony regarding a neighborhood marvel that has been drilled for a long time. As a huge number of pioneers head to Mount Arafat on the 10th day of Dul Hijjah, the authority first day of Hajj, quiet breadths over Makkah, particularly the Grand Mosque.

In only hours, the floors of the Mataf around the Kaaba — once loaded up with individuals. The Day of Arafat, the holiest day in the Islamic lunar,The wonder has been seen however long numerous c.

At the point when ladies and kids head to the Grand Mosque, the men head five miles due east to Mina valley with the travelers.

Consistently, Makkawis, known as “mutawefeen” across the city, set themselves up for the Hajj season when Eid Al-Fitr closes.

The connection among travelers and mutawef is strong and isn’t controlled, The mutawef’s children and now and again even his little girls would stroll in the back with the female explorers. This is to guarantee that pioneers stay with the gathering and don’t get lost nor left behind.

Jeddah-based visual originator Nedaa Zuhair disclosed to Arab News that in her adolescence, she saw her grandma and aunties going to Makkah consistently on Arafat Day as she went through the day at the place of an auntie who chose to remain back. As of not long ago, I’ve seen that an ever-increasing number of ladies would make a beeline for Makkah for the afternoon.

Today, ladies actually take advantage of the vacant mosque and head out to perform Umrah.

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