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Arab new Italian-language magazine launched

Arab-pop, a new Arabic contemporary art and literature magazine published in Italian. Also it will be available in Italian bookstores on Wednesday.

The first issue of Tamu magazine, with over 140 colour pages. Which includes original literature, articles, reviews, illustrations, photographs, music playlists, and graphic fiction. Also includes a special report dedicated to the city of Beirut. In addition with photos and text on the cultural and social life of Lebanon’s capital.

Iraqi author Sinan Antoon, Egyptian writer Youssef Rakha, Palestinian poet Carol Sansour, and Moroccan novelist Mohammed S. Hjiouij. Whose work will publish in Italian for the first time in Arabpop. However it is among the contributors to the debut edition.

Lebanese comic artists Lena Merhej and JAD. As well as illustrators Adra Kandil and Lilia Benbelad will feature in the magazine. Also Kandil created the cover for the first edition.

“Arabpop features Arab artists and authors’ original work, as well as long-form journalism, interviews, and translations. Also Regular parts will include a themed playlist, comics, reviews, and editorial staff-selected book, film, and music recommendations. At a launch Editor Christian Elia remarked. “We will also publish translations of significant cultural items we will choose from Arabic-language publications.”

Arab-Pop Aims for realistic image of Arab communities

According to the editor, Italy “needs a fresh collective imagination surrounding the Arab world,”. Which has hitherto connections with wars and terrorism, or vaguely discuss in outdated stereotypes. Arabpop aims to portray a more realistic image of Arab communities. Also one that is less influenced by exoticisms and orientalist projections.”


“We strongly believe that culture is the most appropriate instrument for creating a fundamental shift in thought,” he continued. As a result, Arabpop believes that the views of modern Arab artists and intellectuals will “be listen by all. Also put forth in the Italian public discussion,” according to the editor.

“In addition to providing colorful, engaging, and high-quality cultural goods to our readers. Arabpop hopes to contribute to the development of a less superficial image of the Arab world in Italy.”

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