Amnesty condemns over Iran custody deaths

Despite allegations of more than 70 fatalities in detention in Iran over the last decade. Amnesty has denounced the country’s “environment of impunity.”

“Despite convincing accusations that they were outcome of the torture or other ill-treatment and tear gas by officials. Iranian authorities have failed to offer responsibility for at least 72 deaths in detention since January 2010,”. The London-based rights organization stated.

Amnesty International Most Recent Confirmation

According to Amnesty International, the most recent confirmed example was a 31-year-old man whose death was reveal to his family. By intelligence ministry personnel in Urumieh, West Azerbaijan province, on September 8.

“Reports of Yaser Mangouri’s death in suspicious circumstances highlight. How the current climate of impunity emboldens security forces to violate prisoners’ right to life without fear of repercussions or accountability,”. Said Heba Morayef, Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa director.

The claim comes after Iran’s prisons head said last month that “unacceptable behavior” had occurred. Also at a renowned Tehran jail after recordings circulated overseas seemed to show inmates being abuse.

They said the footage was reportedly access by hackers who got control over the surveillance cameras at Evin prison. Also got images of prison personnel abusing and mistreating inmates.

The released camera tape “offered distressing evidence of beatings, sexual harassment. Also other ill-treatment of detainees by prison officials,” according to Amnesty International.


Informed sources stated 46 of the 72 fatalities in custody were by “physical torture or other ill-treatment at the hands of intelligence and security personnel,” according to the report.

Another 15 deaths were due by the use of guns or tear gas by jail guards. However to crush protests over Covid-19 safety worries, claimed Amnesty.

“In a hurry, Iranian officials blame fatalities in detention on suicide, drug overdose, or sickness without performing any independent and public investigations,” the monitor added.

In July, Amnesty International and nine other human rights organizations. Who requested UN Human Rights Council members to create a system to gather evidence of the Islamic republic’s most egregious crimes.

Iran frequently defends itself in the face of UN or international human rights reports criticizing its treatment of detainees.

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