Al Ghurair Centre is trending

One of the leading tourist destinations of Dubai, Al Ghurair Centre, has everything from gaming to dining.

A multitude of changes has been made to the most famous Al Ghurair Centre of Dubai. Now, Al Ghurair Centre is trending in Dubai. Al Ghurair Centre is a perfect destination for tourists as well as retailers. You can shop, eat, play games, and many more inside Al Ghurair Centre.

Al Ghurair Centre is located in Old Dubai. Reforms have been made to the dining menus and fashion venues of Al Ghurair Centre. The oldest Martial arts club of UAE, now, can also be seen at the place. This all will create more fun and excitement to visit Al Ghurair Centre.

Al Ghurair Centre has also started hosting a sequence of thrilling events. The best thing about the events is that the visitors can contest in them and can also win prizes.

Bloomsbury in the Al Ghurair Centre

Also, Al Ghurair Centre is offering you the best artisan bakeshop variety, Bloomsbury. Bloomsbury is there to serve you all-day breakfasts, pizzas, sandwiches, pasta, salads, cupcakes and more. Bloomsbury is well known for using healthy ingredients that are organic as well.

Brands4u in Al Ghurair Centre

Al Ghurair Centre provides you with a one-stop shop. This is the perfect shopping outlet where you can shop the latest fashioned accessories, designer fragrances, footwear of Brands4u. The outlet contains international as well as local brands.

Seafood in Al Ghurair Centre

Diners can taste a variety of Egyptian seafood there served by Abu El Araby. Some of the famous dishes are Abu El Araby soup,  El oudwan eltholathy tajin, Mebakbaka, Abou  el shaheed abou Elaraby, seafood white soup, alaraby seafood bucket, harb 56 and the boneless seafood platter.

 Trending fashion styles

Retold is a famous fashion boutique that is reselling items that are perfect in condition. This is a step towards sustainable fashion that is the need of the hour. Retold, in Al Ghurair Centre, is trending for reselling the best luxurious items from the best brands at a reasonable price.


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