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Afghan women rally in support of the Taliban

Afghan women wearing full face veils stood in rows at a Kabul university lecture hall. This Saturday, vowing support for the Taliban’s gender segregation rules.

About 300 women brandished Taliban flags while speakers raged against the West. Also professed support for the Islamist’s policies, dressed head-to-toe in compliance with strict new dress regulations for schooling.

Afghan Women During the Rally

A few wore blue burqas with only a little mesh window to look through. However the majority wore black niqabs that covered most of their faces save their eyes. Many Afghan women also wore black gloves.

Women’s rights in Afghanistan were severely strict during the Taliban’s tenure. From 1996 to 2001, but since regaining power last month, they have promised to follow a more moderate policy.

Women will be eligible to attend university this time if courses are distinct by gender. Also at least separated by a curtain, according to the Taliban’s education administration.

The Afghan women, who were putative to be students by the organizers. And listened to a series of talks at Kabul’s Shaheed Rabbani Education University.

As the female speakers criticized women who have protested around Afghanistan in recent days. Specifically large Taliban flags surrounded the platform.

They also backed the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s new administration. Which has prohibited protests unless the justice ministry gives permission.

The demonstration permission

The demonstration was conduct under Afghan women. According to Daud Haqqani, director of international relations at the education ministry. Also who had requested and received permission to demonstrate.

Omari ended her sermon with a chorus of “Allahu Akbar,” which means “God is Greatest.”

Somaiya, another speaker, stated that history had altered since the Taliban returned.

“After this we will not see ‘bihijabi’ (people not wearing headscarves),” she said.

“Women will be safe after this. We are supporting our government with all our strength.”


Following the remarks in the meeting hall, the ladies marched in order along the street. In addition clutching printed banners and accompanied by Taliban warriors wielding rifles and machine guns.

The public outpouring contrasted sharply with events earlier this week in Kabul and elsewhere. Also when Taliban gunmen fired into the air to disrupt a number of anti-government rallies, killing two people.

On Saturday, a pro-Taliban poster said, “Women who fled Afghanistan cannot represent us.”

“We are happy with attitude and behavior of Mujahideens (Taliban)” read another.

The Taliban claim they wish to separate themselves from previous policies. In which that barred half of the people from employment and education.

The Taliban have decided that women may work “in line with the teachings of Islam,”. But little details have been provided as to what that may entail.

Read more about women in Afghanistan: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_in_Afghanistan

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