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Friday, September 24, 2021

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Abu Dhabi practises activities that open to foreign ownership

The department of Abu Dhabi has revealed a list of 1,105 activities (commercial and industrial) and they have no problem if the non-citizens own any company in the emirates.

The department had some new plans and they wanted to discuss them with the commercial companies and their amendments.

Abu Dhabi government is trying to provide incentives and to attract foreign investments and it will help them to create new projects with innovative ideas, they are doing it for promotions but to promote an open business environment which will really help a lot. They are shortly trying to remove all the problems and bugs which they are facing in investment projects.

All the ministers of the council decided that they will list all the activities, which was pointed as the biggest strategic impact, available for foreign ownership and they have a plus point that they have a right to change their status.

Investors are trying to have profit in this conflict:

Investors are taking advantage of the changes as the UAE took benefit from a lot of investors. As the condition is not good , the amendment will also demand space in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

As we all know that Dubai is next to adigital platform, a platform that helps and guides entrepreneurs to establish a business in Dubai in various sectors including technology, food, entertainment, healthcare etc

After all, it is really a good place for people who wanna work hard and achieve something good in their life.

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