Abu Dhabi citizens pushing hard to get a COVID-19 booster shot, Deadline is near.

The rush of taking COVID-19 Booster Shot. Once the Deadline crosses, citizens without a booster shot come in a grey status on the AlHosn app.

And when you are in grey status, you come under many restrictions. For example, you can not go out in public places. So COVID-19 Booster Shot is compulsory for safety and for roaming in country.

COVID-19 Booster Shot uae
COVID-19 Booster Shot uae

Abu Dhabi citizens are rushing to get a Covid-19 booster shot as the Deadline is near. Earlier, authorities had stated that a booster shot is mandatory for Covid-vaccinated citizens. Now due to covid condition, booster dose also is compulsory. Thirty days period is given to complete this and come in green status as per the ALHosn app.

Once the Deadline crosses, citizens without a booster shot come in grey status on the AlHosn app. If you come in grey status, it is going to limit your access to public places.

Dr Faisal Hamza Dalvi:

The internal medicine expert at Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi said the vaccination centres under VPS Healthcare is the place you can book appointments for the booster shot.

“Rush at the vaccination centres, as citizens are keen on getting the booster dose and come in green status. Many citizens, especially people going to travel abroad, are opting for the Pfizer vaccine because who has given approval to it”.

Dr Dalvi added that the booster was the most reliable way to protect against the virus and improve immunity.

“The Covid vaccine booster is essential for people who have completed six months since taking their second dose to improve their immunity. After that, people should go for the third dose for their guard against the virus,” he said.

Except for Sinopharm, other vaccines do not need a booster dose yet, the Government of Abu Dhabi Media Office said briefly.

Holiday season in UAE.

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