A new step towards women empowerment

UAE: Reforms have been made to laws to empower women

New laws for women are surely a new step towards women empowerment. These reforms to the laws will be proved as game-changing in the working department.

According to the new laws, there will be an extension in the maternity leave of working women. Also, women will be given equal salary as the men.

All the females in the working sector feel secure and empowered as the new laws are introduced. Women are happy with the new anti-harassment and anti-discrimination laws.

The law understands the hurdles faced by working women during their pregnancy. Keeping in mind their situation, changes have been made to extend maternity leaves.

Women will be provided with a safer and more supportive environment at the workplace, once these amendments will get fully enforced.

This will be very beneficial for the women of UAE having family backgrounds with conservative values. Thus, females can fulfil their dreams without sacrificing their family duties.

The new lays about women empowerment:

According to Article 4 of Federal Decree Law No. 33, women will be provided with equal salaries as men for the same job. Also, in the same workplace, it is prohibited to make discrimination against women in terms of employment duties.

The new reforms also state that employers are not allowed to hire on the basis of colour, sex, race, nationality, religion or disability. All the workers will be provided equal working environment at the workplace.

Maternity leaves are extended:

The maternity leave will also be extended after the enforcement of these amendments. 60 days of leave will be provided to the pregnant women in which 15 days will be on half wage. Undoubtedly, this is a new step towards women empowerment.

Anti-haassment laws:

Sexual harassment is strictly prohibited under Article 14. No women will be allowed to suffer from bulley or physical, verbal or emotional abuse by other colleagues, superiors or employers.

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