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50 migrants died crossing the Panama jungle in 2021

More than 50 migrants have perished trying to traverse the Panama jungle. In an attempt to reach the United States since the beginning of the year. According to the Panamanian prosecutor’s office.

“In the region of Darien. The Institute of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Sciences of Panama has documented 50 migrants fatalities in various situations”. Jose Vincente Pachar told AFP.

This amount is considerably higher than in past years. When the Darien Gap, a 575,000-hectare section of jungle on the Panama-Colombia border. However saw an average of 20 to 30 bodies every year.

The jungle corridor is the most hazardous part of the trek to America. Since migrants confront not only natural hazards like snakes and tough terrain. But also criminals who steal and rape passengers on a regular basis.

Because the flow of migrants via the Darien Gap has increased in 2021. Pachar warns that “the number of deaths is highly likely to grow.”

According to Panamanian officials, approximately 70,000 individuals have passed the Darien Gap since the beginning of the year. Nearly equaling the preceding five years combined.

While the number of migrants crossing the jungle fell sharply in the early months. In addition to the coronavirus outbreak, it is now on the increase once more.


The attorney general’s office in Panama said on September 24 that ten dead. Including two children, had been recover.

Colombia requested on Tuesday that Panama “facilitate” the admission of minor. Also pregnant migrants into its territory. In order to deter them from attempting to traverse the Darien Gap.

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