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Friday, September 24, 2021

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2022 comes with Good news for Employees, 4% Salary hike in UAE.

We might see hike in Pharma sector and manufacturing. Yes Good news for Employees in UAE 4% salary hike in 2022 for these two sectors. HR and Finance employees may be has to wait for sometime.

Every year 4% salary hike in UAE happens and this year too in 2022 even in reverse conditions we might see Pharma sectors will get some hike in starting of 2022. Many sectors might have to wait for some time. 

More than 300 UAE firms will give more than 4% hike in coming year. Willis Tower Watson did special survey of it and he found many companies are willing to give rise in 2022.

Sectors like Pharma, Tech and manufacturing got nearly 5% increase in business which is a good sign for people working in such firms. 

Salary hike is positive signals for 2022. Expo 2020 is also an big thing starting soon in few days time. UAE is now coming on track after long set back of 1.5years.

This year, UAE companies tried to drive and retain the top players by giving them a pay rise that was 3 times higher than for the rest of the staff with mediocre performance ratings. 

salary hike of 4% in UAE
salary hike of 4% in UAE

Normal pay are still not possible but employers who are doing in their fields are willing to pay big to employees. By this we will see more positive market in 2022. HR leaders in UAE are confident next years things will improve even more in UAE. 

More hiring for jobs in UAE 2022: 

Around 30 per cent plan to hire more staff in the coming year. 10 per cent require to cut headcount. Over half of the recruiting firms said they are trying to fill roles in sales, while skilled technical trades (45 per cent) and engineering (31 per cent) are also hotspots. The least active recruitment areas are in HR (3 to 4 per cent), finance (4 to 5 per cent), and marketing (20 to 25 per cent).

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