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Friday, September 24, 2021

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2021’s lowest daily cases recorded of Covid-19 in UAE.

UAE September 12 coming with good news, no death record and covid-19 cases deeps to lowest. After a long time, the lowest daily cases were recorded of covid-19 UAE. 

The constant decline of covid-19 cases is a good sign for UAE. Today we show lowest daily cases recorded of Covid-19 in UAE. It comes with fresh relief as UAE has seen a tough time in every department. Bad days are going, and the new sunrise is started in UAE. Yes, cases of covid-19 today was the lowest compare to the entire year’s daily cases. UAE recorded 620 cases. It is the lowest number after a year.

Tha last year, in 2020, UAE showed such a low number. So it is a piece of great news for the country leading global economy. Another good news is that UAE did not record any death on Sunday, September 12 2021. So it happened after 10months that no deaths number seen in the entire country due to COVID-19. 

lowest covid cases in UAE after a year
lowest covid cases in UAE after a year

Countries death ratio is way lower than the global death ratio of the world. UAE Death ratio is at 0.2 per cent, according to sources. The UAE’s mass Vaccination and testing strategy are clearly working, as cases have been dipping to all-time lows since August 1.

Cases gone below the 1,000 marks for the first time in eight months on August 24. The downward graph is a good sign for UAE.

August 2021 show the lowest cases in an entire year. There was a time country was daily getting 4000 cases at the starting of 2021. 

Robust Vaccination in the entire world:

Many don’t know that the UAE has the most robust Covid vaccination campaign — holding the largest percentage of fully vaccinated residents globally (nearly 80 per cent) and the highest dose distribution rate (191 doses per 100 people) globally. Read about Project of top 50 in UAE.

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