Gold prices have dropped, silver is expensive, today’s price!

Gold prices have dropped, silver is expensive, today's price!

It is common for the price of gold and silver to fluctuate. Under this, the price of gold has come down again today. Gold futures on the Multi Commodity Exchange fell by Rs.

With this, it has been seen trending at Rs 46,795 per ten grams. But today the price of silver has gone up. March futures silver price rose 129 rupees. Along with this, the trend was seen at Rs 69,470 per kg of silver.

Gold prices have risen in the global market today. In the United States, gold traded at 80 1,808.29 an ounce, up ৮৮ 1.6. However, silver declined $ 0.01. With that, it. Reached the level of 27.70.

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