11 injured and 2 killed in traffic accidents, Dubai



11 injured and 2 killed in traffic accidents ,Dubai. According to the police, incidents may have been prevented if drivers followed the law.

11 injured and 2 killed in traffic accidents, Dubai: Statement of Dubai Police

According to the Dubai Police, few individuals were hurt in separate traffic incidents last Friday and Saturday. According to a senior officer, the accidents would have been averted if the drivers had followed the rules of the road.

On Al Ibdaa Street behind the Crowne Plaza Hotel, two automobiles collided on Saturday, leaving two people dead and four people gravely hurt. One of the vehicles’ driver made a U-turn without first making sure the route was free, which led to the accident.
In a different accident that occurred on Friday, a driver was hurt when his car rolled over in the middle of Al Khail Road near the Business Bay exit while he slept off behind the wheel.

Colonel Jumaa Salem bin Suwaidan

Colonel Jumaa Salem bin Suwaidan, acting director of the General Directorate of Traffic, claimed that a truck’s driver abruptly swerved off the lane and lost control, causing the vehicle to flip over on a bridge over Emirates Road. The incident left two people with light and slight injuries.
The motorcyclist was hurt in a collision between a motorcycle and a small car on Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Road close to the Dubai-Al Ain Bridge. The failure of the drivers to maintain a safe distance is what caused the accident.

Another accident on the Sheikh Zayed Road

Another accident on the Sheikh Zayed Road involved a woman who suffered moderate injuries after her car overturned due to an unexpected swerve.

Before Al Faya Bridge, on the Emirates Road, a truck and a pickup truck collided, injuring one of the drivers.

The Dubai Traffic Police officer issued a warning against speeding, unsafe overtaking, abrupt swerving, and distracted driving.

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